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Roof Shingles

Get a FREE estimate for a new roof in
20 seconds!

It's This Simple:

Step 1: Click the yellow button below to our Instant Estimator

Step 2: Enter your physical street address

Step 3: Choose your roofing material (ex: shingle, metal) 

Step 4: Click submit and get your estimate!

"Roughly,  how much will a new roof cost me?"

It only takes about a minute to find out.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

About Roofing Materials

Bay Florida Roofing

And we know it is important for you to know a bit about us.  We're licensed and insured in Florida and we have been roofing homes and businesses for over 2 decades.  In fact we are your neighbors.  We live in the communities we serve.    Our business depends on your satisfaction and more importantly, it depends on the saftey and security of your roof.  

We do not do "assignment of benefits" with your insurance company because, quite honestly, the money you have paid your insurance company is YOUR money - not ours.  We demand integrity in everything we do.  And we are eager to earn your trust and your business.  

We are thrilled to provide you the ability to get a free ballpark estimate of what your new roof could cost.   When you request a proposal, we will outline for you all the costs, the timing, the process and other important details you need to know to have a new roof installed.  We  insist our customers be thoroughly informed on how this important investment and project.  We're ready to answer any questions you have.  




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